Our company

Our company has existed since 1990, we have decades of experience on the Polish market.

The head office and manufacturing plant is located on GÅ‚uchowska street in Poznan. The main activity of the company is implementing new, innovative products and providing opportunities to reduce production costs, improve the quality, productivity and time savings in companies. We implement modern solutions and we create more opportunities for businesses by improving the competitiveness on the Polish market and abroad.

We are an official representative of the TH brand on the Polish market and neighboring countries. In our offer you will find dispensers and dispensing robots and all accessories - tubes, needles, adapters, connectors, hoses, containers, cartridges, printheads, and many others.

Our offer is addressed to everyone - from companies, workshops, service points to the individuals. We can assist you in the selection of the dispenser and accessories for the required tasks, we perform tests and tailored to custom applications.

TH Brand

TH is a brand with an international profile specializing in the production of equipment and accessories for dispensing all types of products, both one and two-component. TH brand products are products of the highest quality, created by many years of experience in the field of dosing. Thought-out designs are based on the components of the leading manufacturers like NORGREN, American MAC and Japanese OMRON. As a result, these products meet the performance and quality expectations of both manufacturing plants and individual users.

Our dispensing devices are used in many industries with very different profiles. TH dispensers are used by manufacturing and service companies producing jewelry, electronics, gaskets, optical components, bearings, and wherever there is a need for precise application of adhesives, resins, oils, etc.

We provide

  • High-quality specialized products
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Expert advice on the selection and use of our products
  • Testing and adjusting dispensers for specific tasks
  • Constructing custom dispensers