Dispensers for threaded surfaces 2004L3

Dispenser for applying sealants as thread adhesives or anaerobic adhesives on the screws, pins, rivets, washers, wood screws, self tapping screws, etc.

  • * It provides uniformity and repeatability of dosing further portions
  • * Increased resistance to vibration, high temperature and loosening of connections
  • * High quality gaskets and sealing tapes prevent corrosion
  • * The ability to set the volume, width, flow rate, head position, the start and end point of dosing
  • * Compact design
  • * High precision, speed, performance and life span
  • * Intuitive handling shortens the time needed for training
  • * Low maintenance requirements
  • * Depending on the process requirements the device can be configured to use high-capacity glue source

General specifications
Certificate Ce
Drive precision step motor
Thread size M5 - M30
Pressure >5 bar(1bar =1.01972kg/cm² =14.5038psi)
Voltage 110/220 V
Weight approx.10 kg

2004L3, models 1-5