Dispensers to apply on circles

Table dispenser for application on round surfaces to semi-automatic application of adhesives, cyanoacrylates, silicones, resins, anaerobic on round surfaces up to 38 cm in diameter. They help to effectively enhance product quality, reduce production costs and increase productivity. Widely used in the production of energy-saving lamps, loudspeakers, motors, plugs, oil seals, bearings, panels etc.

  • * You can set the delay before and after dosing, timing, and engine speed
  • * Thanks to the sliding cylinder movement is fast and accurate
  • * Universal, adjustable frame and fine-tuning device enables fast and accurate adjustment of dosing range
  • * Precision step motor provides uniformity and repeatability of the process
  • * Process requirements may be adjusted depending on the product

General specifications
Certificate Ce
Drive precision step motor
Regulation universal, adjustable frame
Motor speed 1 - 300 cycles per minute
Frequency > 100/min
Voltage 110/220 V
Permissible humidity 20-90%
Weight approx.10 kg


Basic model


Silicone dispensing


Silicone dispensing


Two-component liquid dispensing


Large volumes dispensing


Dispenser with the transfer and placement of additional components function