Cartesian robots

Cartesian dispensing robot is suited for many applications due to its high operating speed, precision multi-axis head, a large work surface and versatility.

  • * Tri-axial arm, high accuracy movement
  • * Professional software based entirely on the development of the dosing process
  • * Japanese sensors for each axis
  • * User-friendly compact design
  • * Intuitive operation, ease of use and programming
  • * Brake motors improve accuracy of movement
  • * Two guides at each axle increase stability

Technical data
Certificate CE
XY/Z axle maximum load 10/3 kg
XY/Z axle speed 0.1-800/350 mm
Precision 0,02 mm
Drive Precision step motor
Input/output signals 4 input, 4 output
Permissible humidity 20-90%
Work temperature 0-40°C
Voltage 110/220 V
Weight 34-45 kg


Basic model without additions


Basic model


Large quantity dispensing model


Rigid tubes dispensing model


Hot glue dispensing model


Large quantity dual-compound dispensing model