Stationary robots

Stationary dispensing robots offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability to enable precise application of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins and UV materials in many assembly and manufacturing processes while reducing waste, amount of time and effort.

  • * Three or four-axial models available
  • * Professional software based entirely on the development of the dosing process
  • * Japanese sensors for each axis
  • * User-friendly compact design
  • * Intuitive operation, ease of use and programming
  • * Brake motors improve accuracy of movement
  • * Two guides at each axle increase stability

Technical data
Certificate CE
X/Y/Z axis working range 300 x 300 x 100 mm
XY/Z axle maximum load 10/3 kg
XY/Z axle speed 0.1-800/350 mm
Precision 0,02 mm
Drive Precision step motor
Input/output signals 4 input, 4 output
Permissible humidity 20-90%
Work temperature 0-40°C
Voltage 110/220 V
Weight 34-45 kg


Three-axial model


Three-axial model with double dispensing surface


Four-axial model


Economical three-axial model


Model controlled by a computer interface